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    Big Data for the Common Good of Local Communities

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    Brexit: The Ongoing Story

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    Venezuela and the Desperate Refugee Crisis


Big Data for the Common Good of Local Communities


Brexit: The Ongoing Story


Venezuela and the Desperate Refugee Crisis

12.9.18 Technology

Will 5G Trigger Smart City PPP Collaboration?

As discussed in previous analyses, the arrival of 5G will trigger a totally new development in telecommunications. Not just in relation to better broadband services on mobile phones – it will also generate...

30.8.18 Technology

Disruptive Technology Can Benefit Our Society

There are plenty of discussions concerning the various disruptions that are taking place all around us. But it is not only industries and markets that are being disrupted; it is also happening in both...

23.8.18 World

Evicted by Progress

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa. With an increasing population, it is facing issues experienced by other countries going through similar changes, such as the need for...

02.8.18 Politics

Salvini’s Anti-Migrant Policy Puts Italy on Collision Course with the E.U and the...

Boats full of refugees entering Italian waters are nothing new, but since the escalation of the conflict in Libya, more migrants are making the journey to southern Italy, with a 15% increase in 2018. This...

31.7.18 World

Japan Hit by Worst Floods in Decades

Torrential rain leading to immense flooding and threat to life has plagued the streets of Japan. In one of the country’s worst ever weather disasters, millions of civilians have been forced to flee their...

29.7.18 Politics

Brexit Breakup

Brexit is a term we have all become well accustomed to. The fact of the matter, though, is that Brexit is an enigma. The only area which is totally transparent to the public is that the current prime minister...

11.7.18 Politics

Boris Johnson Resignation

Boris Johnson and David Davis have both resigned from Theresa May’s cabinet. Davis’ may have been the first resignation, but Johnson appears to have taken centre stage. Johnson has been an unpredictable...

05.7.18 Politics

Women’s Rights and Anti-Abortion Laws in Ireland

For most, pregnancy is an enjoyable, exciting and enlightening period for both men and women as they nurture and observe a tiny life grow within the body. Whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned,...

04.7.18 World

The Venezuelan Election Debate

If the prospect of the after effects of Article 50 are still ringing in your ears (not to mention the baton being passed on to the next generation of elected democratic winners and new political politicians),...

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